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Last week’s Miami New Times’ Best of Miami Party was a blast for the 1,200 who came for a first peak at our social community….plus food and booze from many of the best local businesses. This was the first social gathering at X Miami, and while attendees enjoyed an insane assortment of tasty treats and danceable moments, our team reveled at  how the values that got us here had come to life before our eyes. We’ll explain.

Credit: Jorge MartinezCredit: Jorge MartinezCredit: Jorge MartinezCredit: Michael Campina

X Miami is a social community founded on the belief that Life’s Better With Company. Creating connection is our top priority when designing spaces and experiences, constantly asking ourselves what would be useful and exciting while driving connection. We designed our amenities with purposeful zones  and a certain fluidity between spaces, hoping future members and guests would actually use them accordingly. At the Best of Miami event, we welcomed the public to enjoy the new space with no instructions or facilitation. We were thrilled to see our amphitheater  staircase sheeted with party-goers drinking in the scenery, our co-working space as a more subdued but vibrant extension of the experience, the screening lounge full of captivated viewers taking in a presentation, and the visual connectivity between the sky dog park and pool deck playing out as friends waved  to each other across the courtyard gap. Our belief that Design Always Matters manifested in a joyful journey of space-hopping.

Credit: Michael CampinaCredit: Jorge Martinez

We’re intentional about  fostering new organic relationships. It was a pleasant surprise that our #bettertogether atmosphere at Best Of Miami somehow turned an everyday frustration – long, boring lines that typically drain cheerfulness – into opportunities  for friendship-forming, roommate-finding, and story-sharing. People were happily chatting with strangers in every line. “Willing to wait for a good burger or taco” is apparently something most of us have in common.

Talented Taco Makers / Credit: Jorge Martinez

This party wasn’t all commonalities, though. It brought together people from all walks of life – every ethnicity, age, shape, and personality. We saw fabulous drag queens, fiercely independent parties of 1, much-in-love couples, and crowds of cackling coworkers. Personable, prepared and appropriately intimidating security staff made for a safe, inclusive, and easy-to-enjoy environment that perfectly embodied another value we hold dearly, Respect Everyone. Over 1,200 unique souls came together for an extended moment of shared humanity & celebration, and we couldn’t be prouder to say it happened on our turf (both figuratively & literally).

Credit: Jorge MartinezCredit: Jorge Martinez

That evening we also got to enforce another value of ours: Elevate Your Neighbors. This celebration was an opportunity to acknowledge, invest in, and provide a platform for dozens of start ups, local businesses, and aspiring local artists to share their greatness with the Miami community, build upon their successes, and take a shot at getting overnight insta-famous. Imagine the kickass world we’d live in if everyone made the same commitment to helping and celebrating striving neighbors.

Credit: Michael Campina

As we seek to elevate neighbors, we know we must also focus on bettering ourselves. We make plenty of mistakes, as does anyone charting new territory. The key is making them productive: Make Mistakes Once, But Make Them is another of our values. At the Best Of Miami party — like an artist too close to their masterpiece — we lacked fresh eyes telling us to provide context for what X Miami actually is!  Many attendees saw a poppin’ pool deck and stylish lobby connected by a swanky elevator, but had no idea we were a new apartment community they could soon call home! Opportunity missed. Lesson learned. Improvements underway.

We’re driven to Relentlessly Improve. Knowing that X Miami will continue to host killer parties and events, we realized our team needs to be more prominent and approachable, clearly communicating that “We’re here and we want to talk.” X Miami is more than concrete and a cool courtyard; it’s a conversation – about innovation, togetherness, and potential. We’re ditching the idea that important conversations have to be pre-planned and hosted in fancy conference rooms (though our conference rooms are pretty sweet). Pool parties can be thought provoking too.

On a related note, “Why So Serious?” If we took ourselves as seriously as most real estate companies, we’d build the same boring buildings they do. We challenge ourselves to lighten up and let interesting things happen. Afterall, we had just completed construction on X Miami and gotten the place clean when we immediately let in 1,200+ of our closest friends to trample it.

Our spaces are infused with the shenanigans embodied by Best of Miami’s Silent Disco. Sick neon headphones enabled attendees to toggle between four on site DJs, even those 18 stories above or below them. Everywhere you looked, people were busting moves that seemed incongruous with their surroundings, but each of them contributed to a landscape of awesome humans who don’t give a f&#% or take other people’s judgements personally. This world needs more people comfortable dancing to their own beat, and less bagels.

Credit: Jorge MartinezCredit: Michael CampinaCredit: Michael Campina

In the philosophy of X Social Communities, a “bagel” is someone who risks nothing and accepts everything, subscribing always to the status quo and all that is normal and predictable. Non-bagels think big, challenge norms, and do things differently. In determining what events (and life) at X Miami will look like, we constantly tell ourselves, “Don’t Be A Bagel.” We could rent out our amenities to private parties and make the most money, but instead we donate our space to worthy organizers focused on how much magic we can make.

The New Times Best of Miami party was just the start of the magic-making we’ve got planned. Stay tuned for all the bold, wild, crazy, risky, and far-from-boring things to come as we build a community that’s #BetterTogether.